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Bloodlines, Chapter 20 - The Memory Hole [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The SOC Puppet

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Bloodlines, Chapter 20 [Mar. 18th, 2006|02:53 pm]
The SOC Puppet
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Finished. Terminado. Fini. Acabado.

On to other projects for the moment. Stay tuned.


From: ibozun
2006-03-18 11:18 pm (UTC)

I'm Glad

I just saw the alert on my box telling me this was updated. it's really late were I live so i won't have the time to read it just now but i just wanted to say i'm really glad to see this updated as it's truly incredible work. i will leave a review soon
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[User Picture]From: ero_kitsune
2006-03-19 02:04 am (UTC)
Excellent Chapter. Just what I expect from the man I admire!...on second thought I am not Konohamaru, but nice job just the same.

I'm glad Sandaime didn't bite the dust. I think the Leaf would fare better under his guidance than Tsunade's. Kabuto's clever attempts to incite Sasuke's anger were quite interesting and I think you nailed his sort of overly polite and insincere attitude on the head.

I have a quick question. I thought I remembered reading Cool as a Fox chapter 5, was I just seeing things? Or is it buried somewhere on your LJ archives? If it is then I shall seek it out, I just didn't see it on your website.

Well anyway, it's does my eyes good to see some fanfic written by a well respected author. Not to mention some fic that doesn't involve one of the apparently 15,000 Last Uchiha's who have possessed Mangekyou since birth and could kill half of Konoha by just thinking about it.

Seriously, thank you excellently written dialogue and the exclusion of a ridiculously overblown OC that no one needs nor wants. It's a true shame that more authors have little to no respect for their own work and are just trying to stroke their own ego by living vicariously through their own creations in a fictional world they did not create.
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[User Picture]From: thesocpuppet
2006-03-19 06:52 am (UTC)
I posted an excerpt of Fox Ch. 5 here. The full chapter is not yet done; probably not for a while yet. IM me and I'll make sure you know when it is.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-19 03:07 am (UTC)
It's nice to see you update.
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From: morsamare
2006-03-19 04:42 am (UTC)

Chapter 20

You, good sir, have made my day. I've been looking forward to another chapter from one of your stories from quite some time. Damn... now only need to think about Set in Stone. Keep it up, the story was well written and planned, though the sequence around the destruction of Sasuke's eyes was a little rushed, took me almost till the end to figure out what had actually happened. Though perhaps that's just because I read through it really fast the first time.

Anyways, keep up the great work, and I for one can't wait to see more from any of your stories.
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From: nantukoprime
2006-03-19 10:11 am (UTC)

Good to see it

I posted on FF.net first, this is just a seperate one.

First off, I think I was harsh in my reply on FF.net. I normally am, so don''t take it hard.

Still love the story, and in fact just reread most of your work again over the course of the last two weeks, so I could actually follow the plot completely.

I have no issues with plot for the most part, just felt that some of the plot points were a little rushed, mainly the Kage battle and how Sasuke lost his sight.

Eager to see more from you soon. 'Puppy-Eyes-no-Jutsu'. Please *sparkle*.

Now if Kraken could rediscover his love for his Foxhound world, then I'd be set. That or post a teaser to his WOW fanfic.
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[User Picture]From: inner_kyuubi
2006-03-19 03:09 pm (UTC)
*happy sigh* Read this, of course (and I'm pretty certain you got my review ^^), but I figured I ought to comment here, too.

I really do love Bloodlines; it's probably one of my most favorite fanfics of all time (and I say this in all seriousness. I'm not some simpering peon, I assure you. ^.^). And you know why?


You are one of the few serious writers out there that does not shower the clan and its members with unwarranted accolades, which makes my heart thrill. XD That, and you don't try to excuse Sasuke's behavior, like so many are prone to do nowadays... =_= That crap becomes so annoying, particularly when you're a masochist like me and involve yourself in debates at Narutoforum...*headdesk*

Anyway, I adore your work, and I wish you luck on whatever it is you decide to tackle next. ^^
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: ero_kitsune
2006-03-20 11:01 pm (UTC)
Excellent catch Kraken's Ghost, as I was curious as to why Shino didn't place a tracking bug on Kabuto; In the event that Kabuto returned prior to Sasuke's defeat Shino could fall back and regroup.

The way Kishimoto writes the power drain of the Sharingan is way too inconsistent for my tastes. Especially in Kakashi's case, one minute it seems to have little effect on his reserves and the very next battle he collapses pretty quickly.

His first battle against Zabuza leaves him without chakra after using only 3-4 water clones, the water dragon jutsu, and the water explosion jutsu.

In the next battle he has it opened for a considerable amount of time, longer if I'm not mistaken than the first battle. He uses a summon technique , in coordination with chidori, and then 20 or so Shadow clones which would be far more taxing than water clones or most other jutsu's. He had more than enough strength to walk on his own and even carry Zabuza after all of that.

In his battle against Itachi, he was complaining after like one jutsu about how drained he was.

Really, I wish we could get a decent reading on how taxing the Sharingan really is, also how bad it is for Kakashi vs. Sasuke.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-21 12:27 am (UTC)
A lot of that inconsistancy might be the fact that the eye, which is not naturally Kakashi's is not properly wired into his system. I have not watched nor read any of the second arc however I'm not sure if Sasuke had a similar tendancy to get drained after using his bloodline.
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[User Picture]From: watery_dragon
2006-05-09 12:15 pm (UTC)
"Its OVER"?!? What exactly is this "it" you're talking about, SOC? It can't be the story... *more Puppy-Eyes no Jutsu*

Kitsune... I've got my own theory, and it comes from looking at what Kakashi/Sasuke actually DOES with the Sharingan in the fights we see it used.

Fight #1: FOREST Zabuza VS Kakashi
Aftermath: Kakashi like a fish out of water, totally drained of chakra.
What he did: not just copied but PARROTED Mizu Bunshin, Suiryuudan, Suiton Daibakufu

Fight #2: BRIDGE Zabuza VS Kakashi and Haku VS Sasuke
Aftermath: none apparently as a result of Sharingan use, Sasuke's recovery necessary due to other injuries
What Kakashi did: very little, other than to use the Sharingan's 'motion-sensor' to complement his Raikiri
What Sasuke did: first use of said 'motion-sensor', in trying to adapt to Haku's Makyou Hyoushou

Fight #3: HALLWAY Lee VS Sasuke
Aftermath: once again, none apparently as a result of Sharingan use
What he did: as found out later, copied Lee's entry into the Kage Buyou; however, because his body was incapable of performing that move at that time, he merely absorbed it instead of parroting it back at Lee

Fight #4: STADIUM Gaara VS Sasuke
Aftermath: once again, none apparently as a result of Sharingan use
What he did: also very little, other than to use the Sharingan's 'motion-sensor' to complement his Chidori

Fight #5: CANYON Naruto VS Sasuke
Aftermath: once again, none apparently as a result of Sharingan use
What he did: evolved 2-fan Sharingan into fully fledged 3-fan, which greatly enhanced the Sharingan's 'motion-sensor' ability

i won't go into the next Sharingan use i can think of, as that's WAAAAY ahead in the Naruto II manga

and so we come to my conclusion: that it is COPING and PARROTING a jutsu that is the massive drain. IMO, Sasuke uses the Sharingan frivolously... we've yet to see him use the Sharingan in its full capacity, that which Kakashi demonstrated to us in Fight #1.

*sighs* that Uchiha gaki is SUCH a waste of space and time, its pathetic.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-21 02:22 am (UTC)


I was trolling through the crapfest that's FFnet's Naruto archive for updates on the stories I read (it takes 15 minutes sometimes to go through 200-300 stories) when I read the summary, and thought it reminded me of your work. It took me another 5 seconds to realize that it was Bloodlines. Long time no see. But the chapter was worth it... though I wish Shino had been able to burn the traitor's eyes out.

The banter between the Forest Spirit and Naruto was pretty amusing though. I'm just happy to see more of your work, and am very glad you managed to find some time to update your Naruto stuff (I liked the original piece from an update or two ago though).

Well I hope you find more time to keep writing, as it's quality entertaining material that reminds me there is hope for Naruto beyond Kisimoto's work. And don't worry about the few comments, it's just that it's so long between postings. I just thought I'd post so you know that we appreciate your work.
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[User Picture]From: rathimal
2006-03-21 02:34 am (UTC)


The chapter made my spring break. Had a boring week at home all week, since i was injured. Well, a good chapter, and i must admit, when i read the excerpt a while back, i was wondering what you planned for the fuuma shuriken. It was definately a good idea. Good chapter all in all, though i still think Iruka's fight was the coolest thing i've seen written. Well, i'm looking forward to reading your other projects, particularly your original ones. I may have been harsh in my review of your original story, if you think so, sorry. I'm not really use to leaving non-glowing reviews for you, but for your original work, i figured i try and critique it from a non-biased point of view. I figured you'd need that more than the many accolades i generally leave. Well, looking forward to more original fanfiction, and the seagull effect (story too weird for me to NOT not want to know more)
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[User Picture]From: zed42
2008-02-21 08:45 pm (UTC)

still kicking?

i just finished Bloodlines (and Stone)... It's really good work. I like how you have a good reason for the things you have the characters do - something missing in many fics. But when I got to the end I saw that it hasn't been touched in 2 years.... Are you planning to continue either of these stories at any point? I hope so - they're both very good!
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-09-19 05:27 am (UTC)

Chapter 21???

I love this story, I've stayed up half the night for the past two nights to read it and...now I want more. :D
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